Houses with well-organized children

The decoration of a house must begin by providing it with sufficient storage resources to have all things well ordered. The order is the first foundation on which to build the decoration of our home. No decoration, no style can withstand the mess. So let's see some ideas to keep a home in order.

Organize and decorate with children 1

Starting with the hall, it is essential to have in it the necessary elements to have the coats, footwear and other objects from which we divest ourselves when entering the house in good order. So that the order begins at the first contact.

Organize and decorate with children 2

In this hall a garden atmosphere has been created, with a bench painted in green and a whole series of complements of the same color but in different shades. With various storage solutions to have everything under control.

Organize and decorate with children 3

In the kitchen a corner has been created for the little ones in the house, with their small toy kitchen and a blackboard on the wall so they can express themselves. But all within limits, children must learn the need for order from their first steps.

Organize and decorate with children 4

The dining area of ​​the kitchen becomes a multipurpose space where children can start their creativity. The wooden bench, equipped with multiple drawers, allows everything to be collected and organized.

Organize and decorate with children 5

The white shelving has been implemented with bamboo shelves to better organize board games, puzzles and family books. The color note is reserved for accessories such as sofa pillows.

Organize and decorate with children 6

When you do not have an exclusive room for children to play, you can reserve a space in the living room. We will provide containers that match the decoration so that the children keep their things under control.

Organize and decorate with children 7

This children's room was equipped with a good amount of storage space for order to prevail. Discreet and functional, only the carpet adds a touch of color that takes away seriousness.

Organize and decorate with children 8

The bottom of a staircase is always a good place to create a great storage area and also without great expense. In short you can have the house full of children but this is no excuse for disorder to prevail, on the contrary we must strive for children to learn the importance of good organization and order.

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