Houses made with containers

The houses built from transport containers are a sustainable option that allows a high savings in construction costs , the possibility of grouping several of these storage and transport modules, their relative low cost and the great time saving What they do in the construction of the house makes them an interesting tool for architects.

Houses with containers 7

There are many examples of houses made with containers because there are many architects who have discovered the enormous possibilities they offer and have launched to build houses from these useful containers. In the construction above we see an experience of Studio H: T that has used the containers on the sides of the house, in them the rooms are distributed and in the central space, higher, built with traditional techniques are located the common areas of the house.

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This simple house, located in Galicia, was built by lining a 40-foot marine container with wood, it is the work of Spanish architects Severo Fernández and Basilio Rodríguez, from Estudio Base .

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The Adam Kalkin Container House located in California, New Jersey, is a construction made by stacking containers. In a couple of them they have left even the original doors, in the others they have been replaced by windows. The industrial air of the house is noticeable at the first glance and creates a strong visual impact.

Houses with containers 3

The WFH House It is located in Wuxi, China. And it's the work of the Danish architecture studio Arcgency . Elaborated with several containers it is a sustainable house that has solar panels on the roof and a rainwater collection system.

Houses with containers 4

Benjamín García Saxe is the architect responsible for this house made by joining two transport containers joined by a metal structure. It has a gallery between both containers that has been covered with the sheet of another container. It is located in San José, Costa Rica.

Houses with containers 5

Houses with containers 6

The interiors of these houses built from containers can be as normal as those of any other house. Usually wood or bamboo is used to cover the floors and walls. Although it is always possible to leave some wall in the original sheet to give an industrial air to the environment.

Houses with containers 8

The possibility of having a removable and transportable housing It is an interesting quality enjoyed by houses built with transport containers. It is also very interesting the ease of installation even in places of difficult access, which obviously lowers costs.


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