Houses for rent designed by famous architects

It may seem impossible to enjoy one of these wonderful creations of the greatest contemporary architects but it is possible. Well, with nuances, the premise to fulfill is to have a good capital available to spend because logically it is not exactly cheap to spend a night in one of these works of contemporary art.

Design houses for rent 1

In a place as exclusive as Palm Springs, California, full of movie stars, this beautiful house is located. The Russell House It is the work of the legendary Californian architect Albert Frey who worked in Paris with Le Corbusier and Charlotte Perriand. The price is 1150 euros per night.

Design houses for rent 2

The Balancing Barn is in England and is the work of the very active Dutch architecture studio MVRDV . Located in the English countryside, near Suffolk, between infinite meadows and the North Sea. It can be enjoyed for four nights for 1080 euros.

Design houses for rent 3

The Buff and Hensman House It's in Hollywood, high up in the mythical hills of Los Angeles. Buff and Hensman Although less known outside of their country are two of the major contributors to the Californian modernisms. So fantastic creation and in such a select place logically has a very high price, 1792 euros a night.

Design houses for rent 4

The Aldama House , located in the beautiful town of San Miguel de Allende, Mexico, is the work of the great Mexican architect Ricardo Legorreta . As a former student of the great Luis Barragán, he also likes to play with lights and shadows, geometric shapes and intense colors. Enjoying this wonder will cost us 2700 euros a week or 9800 a month.

Design houses for rent 5

The John Sowden House in Los Angeles is the work of Frank Lloyd Wright Jr , known as Lloyd Wright not to be confused with his famous father. Very interested in botany and horticulture he worked on the creation of sets for the film industry. This house is considered his best work and it is a kind of extravagant palace inspired by Mayan architecture. The price, 3100 euros per night.

Design houses for rent 6

A duplex in Marseille, France, created by Le Corbusier and that has been renovated following the principles of the teacher offers wonderful views over the city and the sea. It can be enjoyed for 650 euros a week.

Design houses for rent 7

Seth Peterson Cottage in Wisconsin for Frank Lloyd Wright , another of the greatest among the greats of Architecture. A cabin of only 80 square meters that the master defined as "organic architecture" and located in the heart of a national park, Mirror Lake in Wisconsin. It can be rented for 195 euros a night.

Design houses for rent 8

Rudy Ricciotti , a renowned French architect is the author of this beautiful and large villa located in Bandol, France. A large family can enjoy the construction and nearby coves for 4555 euros per week.

Design houses for rent 9

Dead Rose It is located in the desert of Joshua Tree, near Palm Springs. It is the work of Robert Stone , a free spirit more influenced by Los Angeles artists and fashion photography than architecture. This construction is rather a kind of exercise style that consists only of a bedroom, a bathroom and a living room. Oriented for couples in love who want to isolate for 227 euros a night.

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