Houses: color in all its expression

This house located in the city of London has conquered us completely. As the title of our post says, "color is in all its expression".

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Combinations of all types, textures and designs. Life and joy are breathed in every corner of it. Does not it seem incredible ???
Let's know it a little more ...
Let us observe, first of all, the living room of this home. The parquet floor and the porcelain are the protagonists of the floor. Only in some spaces it has been chosen to place carpets, of very discreet color. But the base is the same for the whole house.
From there, walls, furniture and accessories are what dictate the rhythm and life of the house. This room is simply charming and very daring at the same time.
Colors and styles are mixed in the correct way and the result is unique. The coffee table stands out for the simplicity of its lines and the low it is. A large mirror crowns the fireplace giving the feeling of spaciousness that is sought with it.
The curtains have been combined with the chair cushions. Each cloth is of a different size and design in combination with the upholstery and cushions. Upholstery has been combined even in the armchairs that accompany the main body.
On the walls of the room colors are combined: white, sand and turquoise. It's not interesting ???

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Continuing towards the dining room of the house, the mixture is smaller and a uniformity in colors and textures is maintained. We must not forget the accessories, they achieve balance in the color.
There is a main table, but the kitchen, which is in the same atmosphere as the dining room, has installed a large island that functions as a side table or newspaper. Pay attention to the amount of steel in it.

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We move on to the second and third living room, a house like this does not have just one room .... Smaller and private, to enjoy music or a good movie on television.
In them, the combination of colors and textures once again has a unique role in space. Stripes, flowers, textures, color and more color!

Casas_ the color in all its expression-08

Casas_ the color in all its expression-09

The bathroom, does not stop surprising us. After seeing the rhythm that this house brings, it is quite simple, but fully comfortable and functional.

Casas_ the color in all its expression-10

And finally, we can take ideas from the main room. The role of the wall on which the headboard of the bed is very interesting and at the same time romantic. This marks the decoration of the rest of the room. And as we saw in other spaces, the colors and models of upholstery and walls in the curtains are replicated. That here we can also see that there are cloths in one style and color and others in another type.

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