Houses built with recovered materials

In this world where most people want to buy the latest, the newest, there are people who worry about that runaway pace of raw material use. They have become aware that natural resources are not infinite. We must put a stop to voracious consumption and look calmly into the future, put into action that sense atrophied, common sense and see that around us there are many reusable materials.

Constructions with recovered materials 1

This is what the Tiny Homes company has done, which with great vision of the future and adapting to a market increasingly receptive to these qualities of the product, has begun to build small mobile homes with recovered materials.

Constructions with recovered materials 2

The tradition of prefabricated houses is very important in the USA. and for that reason the company located in Luling, Texas, directed by Brad Kittel has focused on its construction. In addition to a doubly sustainable way, the materials are searched in the local environment to avoid long transports. The transport of raw materials is by itself an unsustainable activity since it requires the consumption of fossil fuels.

Constructions with recovered materials 3

Apparently the business is proving profitable and the capacity of recovery of materials at the local level makes it foresee that the business can continue on track. Brad Kittel is aware that in his environment there are many tons of material available waiting for his return to life.

Constructions with recovered materials 4

The motto of the company, "build the future with the past", already gives us an idea of ​​Kittel's motivation, why waste the large amount of old materials and quality that can be easily recovered for a new use ?.

Constructions with recovered materials 5

In addition to the construction of their projects, the company is also dedicated to the advising of foreign projects, the exchange of materials and the help of self-builders, those people who are opting to build their own home.


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