House of Jellyfish: when the pool is part of the house

The House of the Jellyfish is a residence made by the Dutch study Wiel Arets Architects in Marbella, Spain. The construction consists of three heights and has a large roof terrace and a glass pool so that swimmers can see the landscape through the water and at the same time be seen while swimming. Part of the pool is located on a roof overhang of the house.

The pool as part of the house 1

The crucial factor that allows to take advantage of all the advantages of this peculiar pool is the excessive luminosity of Marbella. The sun creates spectacular games of light and shadow when crossing the large pool.

The pool as part of the house 2

The house is built in concrete that has been left bare following modern decorative trends. The concrete forms the solid structure that supports the great weight of the pool, about 60,000 kilograms, the rest of the building material is glass. Thus the house can fully enjoy the extraordinary ambient light of the area.

The pool as part of the house 3

The pool as part of the house 4

The pool as part of the house 5

The inner wall of the pool is also composed of a glass panel, this allows you to see and enjoy the pool from various points inside the house.

The pool as part of the house 6

The elevated construction of the pool, next to the terrace on the roof, allow you to enjoy the views of the sea from the house, views that could not be enjoyed otherwise because the neighboring houses make that vision difficult. A luxurious house in the extreme and with a great creative effort that makes the most of the miracle of the light of Marbella.


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