Homes with industrial details

The use of industrial spaces as a dwelling it brings with it a series of very defined architectural features. Walls of load, beams of steel, tubes and even trusses of pipes in the open are some of these signs of identity so personal. All these elements contribute to create different spaces, certainly unique, but very attractive. The lovers of different constructions will love living in them.

Industrial style homes 1

The first rule to know if we are facing one of these spaces is to look at the ceiling, where these defining elements of a style that is setting trends are generally located, and whose ultra-modern appearance usually defines many of the urban spaces with those that we find today. The ventilation pipes, made of metal or steel, and other similar metal structures, make their way over kitchens, living rooms and bedrooms in a completely natural way, transforming these places into urbanistic ecosystems that are highly valued by the seekers of new trends.

Industrial style houses 2

Industrial style houses 3

Most contemporary lofts and apartments are usually located in old industrial buildings, old galleries, garages or offices. Living in one of these houses completely adapted and built on multipurpose spaces has become a symbol of modern life today.

Industrial style houses 5

As we see, the interiors that can be created usually have a very functional aesthetic but without leaving aside the style and luminosity. They are diaphanous spaces, equipped with furniture of last generation, practical and often basic, where all kinds of resources and artistic adornments abound, such as works of art, paintings, sculptures ... Artistic and bohemian spaces where a heterogeneity of styles with a sybaritic character can coexist very accentuated

Industrial style homes 6

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