Homes with geometric designs

The geometric compositions applied to the decoration offer fun and dynamic results like those of the proposals that we show today. Lovers of symmetry and series of figures in chain will find with this aesthetic option a way to unleash all their creativity, printing to each space of the home designs of the most varied.

Decoration with geometric designs 1

The results are in sight: interiors full of details, homogeneous decoration and a retro halo that hooks for its originality and aesthetic innovation. Each proposal is filled with intentional details; In all of them there is a dedication to coordinate the different elements through the recurrent use of these geometric borders, as if each detail belonged to the same choreography.

Decoration with geometric designs 2

Decoration with geometric designs 3

Once again, and as everything in decoration, we can apply these ornaments and compositions in carpets, prints, walls and objects, or simply support part of the decoration in it, with just one or a couple of details, but without saturating set. In any case, the originality of the proposals, as well as the chromatic variety and geometric figures involved, make those who opt for this trend, have many options to decorate, to suit each one.

Decoration with geometric designs 4

In the same way, we can also go further and use geometric-marked furniture: rectangular armchairs, curved tables and other genuine shapes will open up through our living room, kitchen or bedroom, creating a hypermodern, avant-garde and design space, like the one formed in these last two proposals through different architectural resources:

Decoration with geometric designs 5

Decoration with geometric designs 6

Photos: Homesinteriordesign ;

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