Home offices: contemporary furniture

Little by little, the tendency to establish home Office It is becoming more important. Many already work from home every day, others just a few days and others distribute their work schedule between the home office and the company. That is why it is necessary to have a corner prepared to work, with furniture, and necessary amenities. Not because we are at home we do not have to take into account in design. But we have to seek to feel comfortable, that is an attractive and conducive place for work.

Home offices contemporary furniture1

Today we present this proposal for contemporary furniture to establish the home Office . They are functional, simple, comfortable and elegant.
Completely made of wood, even accessories are part of this office game . The basket, the lamp, the pencil, etc. all the accessories are made of wood and part of this extraordinary game.
Enjoy these photographs of the office game, and leave your opinions about it.

Offices in house a contemporary furniture2

Offices in house a contemporary furniture3

Source: http://incubator.pratt.edu/west_elm.php

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