"Hoke House", the house of the saga "Twilight"

"Hoke House" It is one of the most cinematographic houses of the last years because it is the residence of Edward Cullen and his family, protagonists of the Twilight Saga" . The house is located in Portland, in the state of Oregon, and is famous for having served as one of the main stages of filming the trilogy.

Hoke house 1

The fiction residence of the Cullens was completed in 2007 and is currently owned by John Hoke, design director of the Nike firm. It is located in the middle of a beautiful forest and has a very avant-garde and contemporary architectural structure. Of various heights, its beautiful facade presents a contrast of materials and colors that make it especially striking.

Hoke house 2

Hoke house 3

In the interior we can see wide spaces, roof and floors of platform in some points and large windows that show the beautiful views of this hidden place.

Hoke house 4

Hoke house 5

It is decorated with a minimalist retro air, in a range of orange and gray colors that matches the exterior appearance of the house. The spaces are open, open and very welcoming. It is an avant-garde house consisting of a mixture of materials (from plastic to steel) and very contemporary settings.

Hoke house 6

Hoke house 7

From its lounge in shades of raw and orange to its impressive outdoor terrace, the house gives off a special magnetism that is transmitted on the screen.

Hoke house 8

Hoke house 9

Photos: inthralld.com

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