Hidden storage solutions

The storage and the organization are always a burning issue unless you have a large house and as long as you have enough lockers, the common mortals are always short of spaces to store things. In the ideas that we present below, emphasis is placed on solutions hidden storage , in places that normally are not used for anything but that they can accommodate if they prepare for it drawers, drawers and cabinets where to keep infinity of everyday objects.

Hidden storage 1

These large drawers under the benches of the kitchen table are a great idea, suddenly you find that the storage capacity of your kitchen has increased considerably.

Hidden storage 2

Hidden storage 3

The bathroom is one of the rooms of the house that are always more lacking in space to store things, it would be simple taking advantage of a remodeling to install a hidden closet like the one in the picture above. The small cupboard embedded in the bottom photo I love, despite its smallness allows you to save the brush, that horrendous gadget that damages the eye.

Hidden storage 4

Hidden storage 5

There are many possibilities in the bathroom, depending on the circumstance. Above a large mirror allows to hide a large storage area but even a small mirror like the one in the lower image placed at a certain distance from the wall allows you to store towels and some objects in the back.

Hidden storage 6

Hidden storage 7

Other more worked solutions are to enable the support of the bathtub to use it as a storage area or directly to store the sink on the wall as in the image below.

Hidden storage 8

Hidden storage 9

The hollows of the stairs are another place that is normally not used but that has a lot of space that with a small reform we can enable as a storage area. From simple shelves to more complex solutions made with drawers and sliding rails.

Hidden storage 10

Hidden storage 11

Hidden storage 12

Real cupboards with lots of space to store, discreet drawers to take advantage of a small section of the stairs and even install half-kitchen under the stairs. The solutions are almost endless and will depend on each specific circumstance but with a little intelligence and sharpness you can find many useless holes that can be used to storage .

Photos: honeyandfitz.blogspot.com.es

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