Headboards with recycled wood

The reclaimed wood It has become the star raw material of decoration in recent years. The reasons are clear and obvious, the rustic is a current trend and the concern for the environment and the conservation of Nature is percolating in the minds of everyone. People are looking back to earlier, more reasonable ways of life in this regard. Another very important factor for the success of recycled or recovered wood is purely aesthetic, the old wood has a special color that gives it a great personality.

Headboards 1

With recovered wood, decorations and furniture can be made in a thousand and one different ways. In any room can serve us but this time we are going to focus on a very easy way to use reclaimed wood in the decoration of our bedroom.

Headboards 2

Headboards 3

In the images that we accompany you can see a few ideas to make headboards with this type of wood. It is a very good idea since it allows us to introduce this material in an easy and simple way. As you can see, you do not have to measure too much or be very fine with the saw, the grace is precisely that the wood maintains its previous appearance and the headboard has that rustic and unfinished flavor.

Headboards 4

Headboards 5

You can also complement the headboard with some other auxiliary furniture that helps us create a more coordinated space. If you limit yourself to the headboard it is a very simple project that anyone can assume.

Headboards 6

Headboards 7

Headboards 8

When working with recovered woods, be careful with the nails or staples that may have been left in them. As with the chips that can present the tables that you are going to use. And wear work gloves, to avoid accidents, when you manipulate them.

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