Headboards with integrated light

Do you need to illuminate the headboard of your room? A question that comes to mind when having a light by hand next to the bed becomes imprecindible. The bedside tables have always been the great allies, a fundamental support at the time of filling the bedroom with light, although there are many other ways to guarantee light in this corner of the house.

Illuminated headboards 1

Integrate the light in the headboard is relatively simple, although the most "handy" will dare with this first proposal: hanging lighting with round lamps. A luminous mobile where lights of different range and color alternate.

Another idea is to anchor a pair of light bulbs on the surface of the headboard , as presented in this image:

Illuminated headboards 2

Also, do not miss lamps of different designs , or we will not be able to enjoy our favorite books before bedtime:

Illuminated headboards 3

Here we see the classic way to illuminate the bedroom through lamps attached to the head . Classic but always efficient:

Illuminated headboards 4

The small ones lights attached to the ceiling of the headboard in this modern bedroom they are quite powerful and not at all cumbersome. A flexible lamp on the bedside table is another extra to consider:

Illuminated headboards 5

For the most modern LED type lights They can be a great option if they want to achieve a mysterious, romantic, sybarite lighting. This technology will make the headboard shine with a unique sophistication, creating an environment full of suggestions thanks to a magical color:

Illuminated headboards 6

Illuminated headboards 7

Photos: stylisheve.com

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