Headboard ideas for beds

The style of headboard depends largely on the style of the decor from our room. According to the lines of the latter, it will be the headboard style what we should look for There is also the possibility of mixing styles in the decoration and generate our own style, but always looking for a balance.
Today in Guiparadecorar.com we propose you six ideas of headboards so they can choose one for your rooms.

Headboard ideas for beds-02

Each proposal has its style. Some are more classic, others more modern, some have a retro style and others are full of color.
What we must take into account is that the most loaded designs or strong colors will always limit the style we seek to create. A strong color with a marked design limits the possibilities of colors and designs for the bedding that we will later buy or that we already have at home.
If they prefer more neutral environments, they should bet on more sober models in color and design or classic tones.

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