Have you tried decorating the ceiling?

Most people do not even remember the ceilings when it comes to decorating a house. It is that they do not pose it, they assume that they must be smooth and white, period. These ceilings decorated with a lot of character show that the roof has its importance and we should not neglect it. Let's take a look at some examples to be aware, if we do not have it, of its importance or to take note for our next projects.


This ceiling combines two decorations, color, structure and volume. It joins a plaster lattice with the color of the background, it is striking, curious and really impressive.


In this Nordic-style children's room, the yellow ceiling provides that point of light and warmth that general decoration needed.


In a white bathroom like this, with the dark wood floor, a blue ceiling helps create a relaxing and peaceful space.


In this, on the other hand, black the ceiling combines with the furniture, the door and the floor creating a nice contrast, also lowers a little the excessive height.


Another modern and contemporary children's room, very neutral, in which the ceiling creates a strong play of light, brightness and reflections when decorated in a bright orange.


A darker blue gives this bathroom a more serious and masculine character even in spite of its total whiteness.


Another bright ceiling that reflects the light and doubles the space even using a dark green. A good choice for very sophisticated and elegant environments.


Not everything is color, also geometry has a lot to say when it comes to decorating ceilings . An ancient tradition that returns again.


And do not be limited to a single color, this ceiling creates a wonderful effect in this small bathroom. At least it is a very curious and original decoration.


Although no less original is this floral ceiling for a sophisticated and elegant bedroom in very modern style.


The ceiling has been covered with fabric or wallpaper in blue color that perfectly matches the living room decoration.


Also the mirrors can be useful in the ceiling, with a good disposition and in a restrained way like these pretty hexagonal mirrors.


To finish giving a very feminine touch to a youth room like this designed for a group of sisters very interested in the 'fashion' world.


This elegant marbled design gives color and depth without being overwhelming. A great idea for a minimalist atmosphere.


This wood-clad ceiling has been painted in black creating a vintage atmosphere very successful in this beautiful kitchen.


Black floor and ceiling for a stay in which black and white is combined almost equally. A modern environment but with a lot of class.

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