Have something blue in the decoration

A blue brush stroke in the decoration is a way to create interest and visual attraction to an area that we wish to highlight. Although blue is considered a cool color it has something adorable that attracts many people. Perhaps by the blue of the sky or the blue of the sea is an attractive and relaxing color. In an environment based on neutral colors brings life and joy .

Decorate with blue 1

It is an attractive color, striking in certain tones but of a slow and without shrillness. It is a calm color that can fit in a multitude of environments and styles .

Decorate with blue 2

Here we see clearly the effect that this turquoise crystal lamp has installed in a bedroom decorated in neutral tones. It is very attractive but without disturbing the calm combination of colors.

Decorate with blue 3

In this example we observe a clear contrast effect between the blue of the sideboard and the oriental decoration of the wall. A quiet counterpoint to control the effect of the huge colorful background.

Decorate with blue 4

A table lamp is a very measured way of introducing blue decoration, it will also give us a perfect light to read.

Decorate with blue 5

When we use a very clear shade of blue we can introduce a wide range of complements in the same tone since it is very neutral.

Decorate with blue 6

An entrance door to the house in a light blue tone will be a way to give a warm welcome. It is all a declaration of intentions, the blue of this door nailed to a transparent wall is like a cutout of the sky.

Photos: casasugar.com

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