Have a pantry in the kitchen

When we do not have enough space to create a pantry or we do not want to start a work for that purpose, we have to sharpen the ingenuity and look for other solutions. A good solution is to acquire a closet that we can use as a pantry and that can be included in the decoration of the rest of the kitchen. It is not necessary that it be a piece of furniture just like the rest of kitchen furniture, it will be enough for it to be of the same style. It can even be interesting that it acts as a contrast element and becomes an attractive focal point.

Pantry in the kitchen 1

In this kitchen rustic style a cupboard-pantry in the same style but in a neutral color to contrast with the kitchen cabinets painted blue.

Pantry in the kitchen 2

A closet may not be enough as a pantry so we'll have to devise complementary storage systems . A bookshelf hanging on a door of the closet can be an interesting option especially to store the jars of the most commonly used products.

Pantry in the kitchen 3

A board for hanging notes Like the one in the top photograph, it can also be hung on a door or side of the pantry cupboard. A simple wooden board painted or lined with fabric and magnets or metal clips is fully integrated in this rustic style.

Pantry in the kitchen 5

Install hooks for hanging aprons and a basket to keep brochures, magazines and newspapers will help us keep the chaos under certain limits. A few baskets of mibre or wooden boxes on the floor are also a good idea to keep those things that you do not know where to place.

Pantry in the kitchen 7

But if you prepare jams or homemade preserves and the packaging in a way as elegant and original as the upper image is not necessary to hide them a lot because they are very decorative and you can have them in sight anywhere.

Pantry in the kitchen 8

Vegetables and vegetables they can be stored ingeniously in any corner. As simply or economically as we can see above. Using bags made with recycled materials .

Pantry in the kitchen 9

Or a traditional furniture to store apples like this one that is truly charming. It will be more expensive but it is a fantastic solution to store fruits and other vegetables naturally.

Photos: housetohome.co.uk

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