Have a Japanese-inspired room

When we talk about Japanese decoration, surely many will think that it is a style they could never have at home. They imagine expensive furniture, details in the style of what they have seen in movies or magazines and before the simple question many opt for a resounding "no" to the proposal. What you should not lose sight of really is what are the details that define it and what we should take into account to have this style at home.

Japanese room 1

Today we propose that you have as an option to apply this decorative style in your room. To get to introduce it we must know that its main point is Zen, that is, that the features with what you can define it is calm, elegance, a space ready for relaxation and rest. But, of course, none of these characteristics will be achieved by cramming your room with furniture and decorative accessories.

Japanese room 2

Minimalism goes hand in hand with Zen and therefore we must avoid overloading our decoration at all costs. Clean, open spaces, walls without decorative excess, natural materials, light colors.
Any room in the best Japanese style will have low furniture protagonists, that is, they will be practically at floor level.

Japanese room 3

A low table of good size and the classic zafus or small and low futons are the basics. Your walls should have a light color or white color, it is good to combine a natural style floor if possible such as wood or materials that have that appearance. And to complete, nothing better than Japanese panels for windows.

Japanese room 4

Japanese room 5

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