Have a cozy balcony with these ideas

The balcony is an area that connects the exterior with the interior of the house. Its decoration therefore must maintain that idea of ​​unity and not be diametrically opposed to the one that prevails in the rest of the house. With these decorating ideas for a cozy balcony you may find it easier to decorate yours, at least we hope so!


We can create an outdoor dining room to have breakfast and even other more important meals.


Using colors that combine with the outside environment is a good way to get that connection that we talked about above.


Plants are essential to get a small secret garden in which to have breakfast, read the newspaper or just have a drink.


We can also choose to create an outdoor living area. A small green shelter to reach by just crossing the door. An armchair and a small side table already allow us to create this space.


And if you can enjoy good views and you will simply find yourself in paradise, in your personal paradise.


In an outdoor living area we have to add everything that makes us feel good. A carpet and some pillows will give us warmth. And giving it a personal touch will significantly increase the quality of the decoration.


A seating area or a reading corner on your balcony is a great way to take advantage of that outdoor space. It will serve you for your leisure but also to receive your viewers.


If you like gardening you can transform your balcony into an urban garden. Although you can combine it with the previous options.


If your balcony is small try to take advantage of the walls and so you can have many more plants or some very large.


A good way to take advantage of the walls without damaging them is to create a vertical garden on a pallet. It is an easy and practical idea that you can carry out in a very short time.

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