Hanging lamps design by Komplot

"Calabash" ("Pumpkin") is a collection of hanging lamps of the Danish design firm Komplot , located in Copenhagen. It is a series of lamps with a shape similar to a split pumpkin, and are available in different sizes in addition to a wide range of colors: red, black, gold or silver.

Pumpkin lamps from Komplot 1

Its gleaming finish makes them perfect to accompany any decorative style, whatever it is. In this sense, these objects are quite chameleonic. Also, thanks to their characteristics, they manage to dynamize the environments in a very special way.

Pumpkin lamps from Komplot 2

Pumpkin lamps from Komplot 3

In addition, depending on their size, we can incorporate them into a room in a more practical way (to illuminate a certain corner) or in a more decorative way, without its first function, that of illuminating, being so relevant and a little more secondary .

Lamps Pumpkin from Komplot 4

Pumpkin lamps from Komplot 6

By combining several models of these lamps, in different colors, we will obtain a more innovative and contemporary design. Its appearance is so simple, without ornaments or bulky feet, which become very attractive to the eye, great to introduce that small design accessory that makes the decoration of a room or a certain room something much more attractive.

Lamps Pumpkin from Komplot 5

Lamps Pumpkin from Komplot 7

Photos: lightyears.dk

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