Hammocks and indoor seesaws

These hammocks y seesaws of interior are the best place to rest and to constitute a corner at home exclusively dedicated to leisure and relaxation. But also, as a decorative complement, they bring a lot of freshness to the home and will undoubtedly become the favorite object of children and adults without complexes.

Hammocks and indoor seesaws 1

The classic rocking chairs on the porch of the houses are moved inside to merge with the rest of the furniture. They adapt to many different spaces, whether they are living rooms, game rooms, bedrooms or terraces.

Hammocks and indoor seesaws 2

Your pet will also like it!

Hammocks and indoor seesaws 3

They can be made of cloth, wicker, or wood, on which can be placed soft cushions to avoid damaging the back. Most of these hammocks hang from the ceiling, so it requires a rigid support that serves as anchor, perhaps a roof beam, but can also be anchored from the roof itself.

Hammocks and indoor rockers 4

Hammocks and indoor seesaws 5

Other models, especially seesaws, may lack ropes, being more easily movable, such as this model wicker swing for terrace.

Hammocks and indoor seesaws 6

This other model also adapts to the environment in a simple way, since the rocker includes its own support structure. An original model, like a small nut shell, that we can take from indoors to outdoors, to enjoy a relaxing time and good weather in the most comfortable way possible.

Hammocks and indoor seesaws 7

Photos: vintageandchicblog.com; ikeando.com; minim.es; lalalovelythings.com

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