Hallways with a very modern style

Usually, in the receiver We usually find little furniture, since, being a passage area to access the house, we use a minimal decoration to facilitate entry. Which does not mean that we do not attend to this aspect of interior design. That is why we propose ideas to create a hall with a more modern style. With just a few details, you'll get a hall really elegant.

Modern style receivers1

The trick is to present just a few pieces of furniture, with sober lines, one or two colors and a lot of space nudity. A couple of decorative details may be enough to modernize the entrance of the house and without the need for furniture design, as some of those that we show here. The important thing is that its structure is as simple as possible and are in perfect condition. As for colors, white is fashionable when it comes to modern spaces, but a sober wood can also be very modern. The black, the metallic colors and the violet, follow him closely.

Modern style receivers2

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If we pay attention to practicality, we must place a coat rack to leave the outerwear, or a small piece of furniture where we can place the shoes as soon as we get home to get comfortable. A white piece of furniture, for example, a black coat rack and two or three cushions to complete the set. Modernity and simplicity go, in this case, united hand in hand.

Modern style receivers4

Modern style receivers5

Experience teaches us that, when it comes to achieving a modern environment, extra accessories are over. Yes, the modern style is minimalist in its conception, and bets on smooth surfaces and straight lines, in perfect symmetry. The arrangement of the furniture should be vertical instead of horizontal. The objective is to maximize the available space. We will have a table, a small vase and a mirror or picture on that same table. If we add a lamp to illuminate the corner, we will create a much more pleasant environment. In this way, both the figurative and the use of space itself help create the modernist scenario we seek.

Modern style receivers6

Modern style receivers7

Modern style receivers8

Photos: levante-emv.com; decoracioninteriores.net; mundohogar.com; decoraciondeinterioresymas.blogspot.com; arqhys.com; esmueble.es; decoactual.com.

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