Hallway decoration

As its name indicates, the Hall of a house is a place of passage that connects the different areas of the house. But, decoratively speaking, its importance is not less than that of other areas and corners. Despite its size or location, we can put into practice innovative ideas and results to avoid that this part of the home appears careless, enhancing it as it deserves.

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A very common solution is to take advantage of the surface of the corridor wall to place framed personal photographs, paintings and collages various. It is an option to brighten the vision of the corridor while we walk through it, although it is not the only one. Painting the walls with different colors and contrast of ranges, and fill with reliefs or original prints is another way to create a visual effect that illuminates this part of the house.

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Speaking of lighting, remember that it is also important. Do not forget to place lamps and soffits, but if you are looking for a less contemporary and intimate lighting bet on lighting with small chandeliers.

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Carpet, yes or no? That will depend on your personal taste, but it is certainly an occasion to dress the floor with a little more color, and also heat, while protecting your feet every time you get out of shape.

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Flowers, vases and ceramics are another option with which you will be able to energize the corridor, creating a cozy and pleasant atmosphere.

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