Halloween decorations for the house door

If you want to celebrate Halloween this year and for this you have thought of decorating your house, here we bring you a few Halloween decorations for the home door. Nothing better than starting at the beginning to receive your guests as they deserve. Surely your children will love to help you decorate the door of your house, so it looks spooky.


The elements to use are typical of the festivity, pumpkins, spiders, skulls, sweets and bats. You can buy some and others can be done easily and cheaply at home.



Halloween decoration can be approached from different points of view, more or less infantile, more or less sophisticated. Above we have two examples of children's decoration that does not require more than simple materials.



Pumpkins are essential but a flock of bats is perfect and can be easily done with cardboard. Like spider webs that can be made with gauze.



Plants and typical fruits of the season can not be missing in a good Halloween decoration. To this you can add any allusion to the macabre that comes to mind.



Carving pumpkins is a classic but it is still spectacular the result that can be obtained only with a pumpkin and a knife.



It is clear that every Halloween decoration should have a kitsch touch but that does not mean that you have to renounce sophistication and elegance. You just have to look a little at the top ones, sober and elegant.



And if yours is not discretion, go ahead, add all the typical elements without forgetting only one of them. After all, it is your home and you should decorate it as you like. But never forget the funny touch so it is not too macabre. It's about having fun.


Logically you will have to adapt the decoration to the size and layout of the entrance door but you can get fantastic and fun Halloween decorations on any door.

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