Guide to decorate the bathroom on a budget

The budget is one of the big issues when it comes to decorating or thinking about redecorating our home. It defines the moment, the details and even, at times, the type of renovation or decoration that we will carry forward. When this is generous our task will be easier and we can choose from a wide range of products, materials and styles. But when our budget is limited we must use ingenuity and get the most out of our money.

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The bathroom is one of these spaces in the house whose decoration or remodeling can be a big headache if we do not have a large or generous budget. Today, with the current of DIY or Do it yourself, many people dare to carry out remodeling and spare parts with their own hands. Large stores, multiple sites on the Internet and forums full of opinions and advice are a great source of information to face this type of tasks.

Who has not been tempted more than once, after seeing the result of decorations and renovations that other people have made, to get down to work at home and run to the nearest store to buy the basic materials that are we still to start ????? Well, everyone! So…. If we already have the desire and the energies ready .... Do not think it is time to renovate the bathroom of your home ... .. Decorating bathrooms with little money is possible! And the best of all is that it is a good DIY proposal. Today we will show you a basic guide to carry out a simple renovation for your bathroom. Nothing better than changing the style of your bathroom a little while you continue saving to have the bathroom of your dreams ...

With cheap materials and that you can get in specialized stores you can renew your bathroom without spending a fortune to do it. We start ???? Yes!!!

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For this guide, we will pose the problem to be solved or part to be renewed and a practical solution.

  • Joints between ceramics, tiles or similar with problems : holes, dirt, rust spots, fungal spots, etc. They can make the cement of the joints look bad or require a repair for better aesthetics. For that, nothing better than repairing or renewing them. You will need materials such as colored cement or white, soap, brush, a metal grate or brush, spatula, water and rags. Our boards will look like new.
  • Metal accessories with oxide : Curtain rails, towel rails and other metal accessories can rust over time. That is why you can easily renew them with a good metallic paint. Have a hand sandpaper to polish them and do not forget to wash and dry well before applying the metallic paint.
  • Damaged roofs can make a quick repair with specific materials and do not forget to use special paints for the bathroom that can withstand humidity.
  • Cabinets, shelves and other deteriorated, with old paint or old-fashioned designs : if the furniture or shelf is in good condition but its appearance looks unimproved you can renew it easily and quickly. They can take advantage of vinyl and self-adhesive papers of new designs and colors.
  • Floors : If the floor of your bathroom is old and you do not like how it looks you can renovate it as easily as the cabinets and shelves. Take advantage of vinyl for such purpose that is in the market. You will be surprised at the result you will get and it is very economical.
  • Doors and openings : if you have wooden doors and windows you can change the color. Look for sandpaper, remover and a nice color to renew them.
  • illumination : you can also renew the luminous accessories with a little paint or look for an economical and modern option.

There are no more excuses to renew our bathroom ... Hands on, everyone!

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