Great ideas for small spaces

Not everyone has hundreds of square meters to make the house of their dreams. In fact, the vast majority have to adapt to small spaces , and sometimes it's not easy. But with pleasure and a little ingenuity we can make a tiny apartment a cozy, comfortable and functional place.

Great ideas for small spaces

Bedroom in the attic

Many of us like garrets , but we must admit that they are not easy to decorate, we must bear in mind that there will be areas with a height that will not be easy to transit. A good idea may be to allocate the lower area for bedroom, choosing a low headboard, or opting for a futon-style bed, and in the case of the kitchen destine it to storage area.

Great ideas for small spaces 1

Kitchen in the attic

In the case of kitchens, it is necessary to take into account, in addition to the work space, the storage. The order and a good system of shelves and drawers will help us to have everything at hand, without renouncing aesthetics.

Great ideas for small spaces 2

Small and cozy kitchen

Use a room as dinning room It is simple when there is room to spare, otherwise we will have the option of making room in the kitchen. With a half partition we can make a small partition, so that we do not take away visual space and we delimit a small space in which we can include a custom bench and a table, taking advantage of every inch in a very flirtatious way.

Great ideas for small spaces 3

Small dining room in the kitchen

Photos: Bhg , Themongrel

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