Great city apartment

Who has never dreamed of a large apartment? The problem with this is how to get the right harmony so that all the furniture is perfect, adequate, with the decor tight On this occasion we show you a apartment Worthy of the great city of New York.

Great city apartment

We see that in essence the apartment It is decorated in black and white. This combination will easily always look good, and gives a very very elegant tone. If you know how to use it, it can be really beautiful.
In the photo we can see the living room of the apartment, with big armchairs upholstered in black and velvet, columns that give a brilliant architectural aspect and metallic details like the lamp and the decorations. Attention to the visual game of tables and lamps, with rectangular geometry.

Great city apartment 1

Beautiful Metallic details and gradient shades of black, silver and white.

Great city apartment 2

Better visibility of the architecture. Precious glass lamp in the background.

Great city apartment 3

Clear example of how to achieve a majestic effect with the simplest details.

Great city apartment 4

Workspace with glass table and upholstered armchairs.

Great city apartment 5

We can see in more detail the sublime lamp that captures the attention of this space.

Great city apartment 6

Bedroom suitable to the rest of the house, with glass walls.

Great city apartment 7

The transparent chairs give the great detail to this kitchen.

Great city apartment 8

The room for the little ones, with celestial, pink and cream tones.

Great city apartment 9

The bathroom following the style of the whole house, special attention to the shower and the marble bathtub and the floor, and the very large window that keeps privacy but lets in a lot of light.
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