Granite countertops for the kitchen

Granite countertops are a classic choice in kitchen decoration. And they remain in one of the first places in the choice of users. They are very durable and visually very interesting. But they imply a good economic investment and one has to make sure before choosing them.

Granite countertops for the kitchen

Granite is a rock composed of quartz, feldspar and mica plus a large number of small proportions of other minerals. The proportion of each mineral is what differentiates one granite from another. The quartz is what gives the white color and transparency. The feldspar provides white and pink tones. The natural designs of the different granites from around the world offer us an almost infinite panoply when it comes to making our choice.

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When we want to choose a granite for our countertops you have to go to the complete piece, the samples can be a guide but they can also differ a lot from the real stone. Visiting the companies of the branch is the only solution. And we will find true natural wonders to decorate our kitchen.

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The brightness and appearance of a granite countertop is something unique. In addition it never goes out of fashion. We can find a huge variety of colors and designs and it will be difficult not to find the granite that fits our kitchen.

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Granite can be given various finishes. We can opt for finishes in straight lines or curves. Right-angled or rounded edges and edges with various finishes. The granite is durable but logically it is not unbreakable. Of course it is more resistant than other common materials in kitchen countertops. This does not eliminate the need to use a cutting board to work in the kitchen although occasionally it can be cut on the granite and nothing happens.

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Granite usually receives a sealing treatment that prevents bacteria from finding space to infiltrate. It is a very hygienic surface and usually resistant to stains and liquids. Tolerates well that we lean on him hot pans without any problem.

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Maintenance is very easy because it does not require any. Regular cleaning and ready. With the passage of time it could require a new sealing treatment but surely before we need it we will have changed it with the rest of the kitchen.

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The granite also always revalues ​​any kitchen. If we think about selling our house, the granite in the kitchen will increase its value.

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Obviously not everything can be advantages and if we have to be objective we have to take a look at the disadvantages of granite in the kitchen. Two of the biggest drawbacks is that it is not cheap, it requires a good economic investment and it is also heavy, so the furniture must be strong to support its weight.

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Another drawback when working with him is his hardness. Of course it is difficult to break and of course this implies the use of powerful machinery for cutting and finishing. Which considerably limits the possibility of doing DIY projects with him. It is much better, incomparably, to resort to the right professionals to prepare the countertop. As much we can risk to place the pieces already cut and prepared on the kitchen furniture.

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Being a natural rock, be careful with alkaline and acid cleaning products. For the care of a granite countertop, soap and water are enough. Occasionally or after using more fat than usual we can use a specific cleanser for a more thorough cleaning. The stains based on grease are well removed with a paste of water and baking soda and if they are water stains they are well removed with hydrogen peroxide and bicarbonate.

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