Golden rooms

From the strong and striking colors to the warmest and softest pastel shades there is a great variety of sensations that each of us transmits in a different way. The sensation of spaciousness, of well-being or relaxation will depend on the color we choose. In this article we suggest you decorate the room in precious golden tones .

Golden rooms

It is a color that looks a lot in details within the decor of a home, but that is more timid in being the center of attention of a space.

The key idea so that a color like this does not saturate our decoration is to combine different varieties of tones, use different types of gold on the furniture, curtains or walls avoiding excessive brightness or tones that are garish. Mix different ranges, even somewhat veined, and always combine them within the range of beige to toasted, where they will be fantastically well supported by lacquered furniture in those neutrals or in the very dark color of the wood.

There are multiple options, we can choose beige tones for the walls and use the gold for the bedspread, cushions or curtains. This color sure that delights the most glamorous and elegant public.

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