Golden color storage ideas

The details in gold they bring a touch of glamor and sophistication to any decoration. In this article we are going to focus our attention specifically on the storage elements in golden color. It is a way to integrate them in the room in an attractive way, without dissimulation.


East golden trunk It has been transformed into a coffee table but has a huge potential to store a large number of objects. Combined with the sofa and the carpet in light and neutral tones, it creates an atmosphere with style and class.


But we can also use small cans and jars in golden color both in the kitchen and in the bathroom. Any space will gain in sophistication simply with the addition of small golden elements.


We can even give free rein to our DIY spirit and develop our own decorated jars in bright gold. It is a very simple work that will give a festive and cheerful touch to our decoration.



The shelving of the superior photo as well as the one of the inferior one are two more examples of integration of the dorado in the furniture destined to the storage. They are striking and elegant despite their tremendous simplicity. It is the advantage of gold and at the same time the precaution with which we have to treat this color in the decoration of our house. A little may be too many times and we have to control the rest of the color palette very well. As you can see in all the examples that we have presented you, gilding is always combined with white or gray or black tones. It is the easiest way to combine it.


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