Go for the change: have a color sofa

The sofa is the central element of the living room, I think we'll all agree on that. It is the most important piece of furniture in the room, both for its function and its size. So if we want to transform our living room without getting into big jobs we simply have to change the sofa and we will have achieved a radical change in the room. But let's go a step further and dare that the sofa is a way to introduce a new air in our living room and for it nothing better than color.

Color sofa 1

We have many years of sofas in white, black and other neutral colors. It is time to change and opt for a sofa in a cheerful color that rejuvenates our living instantly.

Color sofa 2

Color sofa 3

Color sofa 4

We can think that this will imply the change in all the other furniture of the room but it does not have to be that way. A modern and elegant sofa in orange as in the example above can fit perfectly in a formal environment.

Color sofa 5

Color sofa 6

Sofa color 7

In any decorative style you can perfectly fit a color sofa. If in itself it is already an element that attracts attention because of its volume, now it will be also and more if possible because of its color.

Color sofa 8

Color sofa 9

Color sofa 10

Color sofa 11

We are talking about color in general but logically there are a thousand and one solutions in the choice of our color sofa. Solutions that will go from the most risky and transgender to others much more reserved but that will also fulfill their function. The choice will depend mainly on the decorative style with which we have decorated our living room and the color palette of it.

Color sofa 12

Sofa color 13

Color sofa 14

Color sofa 15

Color sofa 16

I think that in these images that we have selected for you, you will find inspiration to acquire your new sofa and that is the most appropriate for each particular case.

Color sofa 17

Color sofa 18

Color sofa 19

Color sofa 20

I know it is a decision that for some people can be complicated but with a basic idea about the use of color you can choose correctly. And if you do not have it clear, make some pictures of your living and in any furniture store they will advise you so that the election is the right one.

Color sofa 21

Color sofa 22

We hope that this short compilation will help you and you can give joy and color to that special stay of the house. The stay where an important part of family relationships is carried out should be a place that helps, with its decoration, to make them more relaxed and sincere.

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