Go ahead and decorate your living room with geometric designs

Geometric designs are a great choice for any modern space, they are timeless and can be included in any decorative style. Specifically in the living room or living the geometric designs can do us a great job. They have a strong visual impact that will not go unnoticed and are ideal for coordinating between different areas of the same space. So cheer up and decorate your living room with geometric designs with our tips.


This is a clear example, somewhat extreme, of decoration with geometric motifs. As everything in decoration we have to treat it with great care so as not to overdo it.


There are of course, to our poor understanding, other more elegant ways of using geometric designs in decoration. A note, an insinuation is always more elegant than saturation.


Leaving the points aside let's focus on everything we can do with this decorative resource. From painting a wall to using the always used textiles.


But the thing is not there, we can even paint the floor with geometric motifs. A great idea that, in the image above, also takes advantage of the wooden floor lines that give volume to the work done.



The textiles will be magnificent allies to introduce geometric shapes in the decoration of our living room. Being the easiest way and with the lowest cost and risk. Pillows, plaids and rugs are a great decorative resource.


The furniture can also have geometric shapes, in fact all have them, interesting or escape from the ordinary. They will also be a good resource to introduce new geometric shapes in our living room.



In a decoration of contemporary style, even classic, fit elements and geometric details that will give a new perspective to the environment.


These hexagonal shelves escape the usual patterns and create a fantastic decoration on the wall of this living room.



Sometimes we will be interested in supporting the forms with the color and then the carpets become a great help. These colorful carpets are the ideal counterpoint to this wonderful armchair.



In a living room decorated in the style of the 50s, the geometric motifs are present in the shape of their furniture, stylized and linear, but we can reinforce them with the appropriate complements.


They also have a place, even in many occasions are essential, to decorate a living in ethnic or boho chic style for example. A large number of oriental, American and North African decorations are based on the use of geometric motifs.



With geometrical designs we will be able to give a special interest to any living room, regardless of the style in which they are decorated. As we see above, they look good in a Scandinavian environment as in a contemporary one.


The shape, with or without color, is an indispensable element in any decoration. In our hand is to use it in one way or another to achieve the result we pursue.

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