Go ahead and decorate polka dots with these 20 ideas

The polka dots have always been happy and fun, perhaps because I associate them immediately with the Feria de Abril in Seville and the classic dresses worn by the sevillanas. Fair that by the way celebrated Seville and thousands of visitors more just last week. As we will see below you can decorate with polka dots in many ways and in different styles.

Polka dot decoration 2

Decorating with polka dots is nothing more than creating a pattern of circles of different colors than the background and this can be achieved in many ways. Here, for example, we have polka dots in different colors that do not follow a regular pattern of color or dispersion. It is achieved with this give a modern and groundbreaking to the stay.

Polka dot decoration 1

We also have the classic pattern in which the moles are distributed evenly and symmetrically. In this case, on the other hand, it is possible to give it a modern air when being large polka dots.

Polka dot decoration 3

And for lovers of minimalism you can also decorate with black and white polka dots as we can see in the image above.

Polka dot decoration 4

In children's rooms, where color is so important, is a way to introduce it easily and fun creating polka dots of different sizes and colors.

Polka dot decoration 5

It is also not necessary to cover an entire wall, only with a part of it and if we relate it to a piece of furniture or an architectural detail, we will get that bubbling air that is so current.

Polka dot decoration 6

Decoration with polka dots 7

Polka dot decoration 8

The decoration with black and white polka dots allows breaking that uniformity that characterizes the Nordic styles, gives a casual touch to the excessive seriousness that usually characterizes these styles.

Polka dot decoration 9

An example of carefree decoration, the moles are made of paper and have been stuck on a wall of painted bricks. They become a very interesting and easily reversible attraction point.

Decoration with polka dots 10

These moles that represent the different facets of the Moon are very original and will be perfect in any environment.

Decoration with polka dots 11

The children's rooms are a perfect field to decorate with this resource and using both the size and the conformation that we want.

Decoration with polka dots 12

And not only reduces the use to the walls but we can use decorative accessories that incorporate them and so we test the effect easily and easily, without risking anything.

Decoration with polka dots 13

Decoration with polka dots 14

Decoration with polka dots 15

Bedrooms and even bathrooms can be decorated with polka dots, few rooms of the house will be safe from these daring collaborators.

Decoration with polka dots 16

Decoration with polka dots 17

Textiles are also an excellent way to introduce polka dots into a decoration. Both in bedding and in upholstery, curtains and others. Bedding for example is a good way to experiment to see if these nice points fit into our decor.

Decoration with polka dots 18

Decoration with polka dots 19

Polka dot decoration 20

From a simple painting to a whole wall through various textiles, polka dots are a fun, easy and carefree way to change any decoration without having to resort to major transformations.

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