Glazed rooms: luxury panoramic

Many contemporary homes built next to groves, beaches and mountains take advantage of the privilege of these locations to create magnificent viewpoints between their walls. One of the places of these dream houses where you usually enjoy more of these incredible views are usually the living rooms and dining rooms.

Glassed rooms 1

Glazed rooms they let in the light in torrents, and from where you can contemplate the immensity of the landscape in its totality. The beauty of these natural environments finds a new perspective from the interiors of these magnificent homes. We show you some proposals surrounded by luxury panoramas.

Glassed rooms 2

Glazed rooms 3

Natural light becomes an indispensable source of energy for these houses, some of them ecological, and thus take advantage of these resources for their own internal functioning. In others, simply, the landscape is one more incentive, an added value that highlights the importance of current homes opening to natural environments and enjoyment of clean air and light in a much more usual way than in the common housing.

Glassed rooms 4

In these rooms there are no barriers or curtains: they open to the proximity of the landscape and merge with it for the enjoyment of their owners and tenants. Meals, dinners and other evenings between these glass walls are transformed into unforgettable moments thanks to architectural solutions that choose to offer the best of themselves.

Glazed rooms 5


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