Glazed rooms in your home: a practical solution

We are talking about interiors and glazed terraces, but in reality we can refer to any room in the house that is open to the outside, whether it has been planned from the beginning as such or carried out a posteriori by means of some enclosure system. They are spaces that stand out for their ambivalence, for being inside but outside the house, that dual character allows both to treat them as an interior space more or as an outdoor terrace or as a mixture of both.


A glazed space overlooking the outside is ideal to create a haven of peace and rest by installing the necessary furniture.



You can create wonders like this thanks to the frameless glass sheets that can be installed both on the construction site of the building itself and afterwards.


A terrace or glazed gallery is an ideal place to create a natural environment. The abundant outdoor light allows us to grow our favorite plants and have them near us.


There are many variants of this idea, from the extensions made to the house itself to ...


... those that form a structural part of the building, having been created by the architect in his project. The separation between inside and outside is diluted and allows a fluid relationship of the house with the exterior landscape.




The use we give to this space will depend to a great extent on our particular needs and our personal taste. Thus we can install in them a rest area or be or even a more or less formal dining room.




As we can see, a glazed terrace, gallery or whatever we want to call it is an idea that can be carried out both in an urban environment and in a rural one.



The only thing that will change logically will be the views that we will enjoy, views that are a very important part of this type of space.


From a practical point of view, these glazed areas allow us to enjoy all year round a part of the house that we could only use during the good weather period; On the other hand, they allow us to gain a few more square meters for everyday use, something that never hurts.


The techniques, circumstances and work to create a glazed space with exterior views will be very varied and more or less complex but the result will always be satisfactory.

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