Glass sliding doors

The sliding glass doors they are an aesthetic solution of great elegance to separate rooms. Moving to the classic wooden doors, glass doors, although more delicate, produce a different effect, more avant-garde, and show us a cleaner and lighter interior.

Sliding glass doors 1

They can also be our great decorative allies and influence the rest of the design of the environment, creating spaces with greater personality. A glass door modifies the eye's perception of light and is a very attractive visual impact for the visitor.

Sliding glass doors 2

Sliding glass doors 3

The crystal as a decorative element is of great beauty. Some are transparent and others have different ornaments on the surface. These drawings and geometries suppose an added value that give an even more modern and special look to the sliding doors. On the other hand, translucent crystals are appropriate for places like the bathroom or the bedroom, where more privacy is needed.

Sliding glass doors 4

Sliding glass doors 5

In addition, a totally innovative interior reform proposal is to dispense with partitions and use glass separations between the rooms of the house, adding luminosity, brightness, delicacy and elegance to the visual set.

Sliding glass doors 6

Sliding glass doors 7

Sliding glass doors 8


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