Glass floors: whim or challenge

Although wood is usually the most common coating when it comes to tiling the floor, it is not so surprising to find some houses where the material used is glass. This material allows a unique luminosity , when projecting the light on the surface, thus achieving much clearer spaces, as if it were a mirror. Caprice for some, challenge for others, the truth is that the presence of glass floors in the home is a trend that ends up conquering. We show you some proposals to convince.

Glass floors 1

Most of the houses in which the glass is chosen as a floor covering are of various heights, which allows the plants to be in visual contact. In this way the spaces seem to have greater dimensions, since natural light is projected from all angles, reaching the corners of more difficult access.

Glass floors 2

Glass floors 3

The beauty of a material like glass does not go unnoticed. Used in its entirety or as a complement (see the case of photographs), glass is a decorative resource more, stylish and elegant. Numerous firms have specialized in incorporating glass into their architectural projects, offering designs that incorporate it as a detail or as the undisputed protagonist of the spaces, whether interior or exterior.

Glass floors 4

Stairs, walkways, floors and ceilings are covered in this material to configure homes much brighter, delicate in appearance, but unquestionably beautiful.

Glass floors 5

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