Glass countertops, an option for the kitchen

Fragile and delicate, but also with an indisputable presence that beautifies the spaces, the crystal It is one of those classic materials that we can resort to when decorating or covering a specific space. So, we can use it as a support for kitchen countertops , an attractive option as unique, with results as outstanding as those that we are going to show you.

Glass countertops 1

With these surfaces we can create spaces with a special luminosity, resembling a little water cataract, very appropriate for environments such as the kitchen. The glass reflects light and may have different color tones depending on the material used, as well as its thickness. There are not two crystals carved in the same way, so this can help us create very different environments that fit with the other accessories.

Glass countertops 2

The most classic option is usually rectangular or square surfaces, but we can also adapt these crystals to more curvilinear finishes, creating surprising and striking frames like this one:

Glass countertops 3

Another aspect to take into account, which we mentioned before, is how the glass reflects light on its own surface, the way a mirror acts, reflecting details of its surroundings that offer a delicate and very beautiful aspect.

Glass countertops 4

They are design options, but optimal to combine with very different materials, both with wood as with marble, stainless steel, granite ... The good thing about glass is that it usually combines with all kinds of elements. In its most bluish version, the crystal offers this more unique aspect, as if we were in the presence of aquatic surfaces. Notice, for example, the beauty of this worktop:

Glass countertops 5

An option, no doubt, to take into account in spaces such as the kitchen, although it can also be accommodated in the bathroom.

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