Glass coffee tables

Glass is synonymous with fragility and transparency, but also modernity and style. A material that abounds in today's homes in all kinds of places and that, when it covers the furniture, it does so with an elegance that few materials possess. It is the case of these coffee table manufactured in crystal , with suggestive shapes (smooth, geometric) that conquer at first glance.

Glass living tables 1

A coffee table is always a good resource to furnish the different rooms of our house, as well as how useful they are. We can say that a coffee table never hurts. And if they also present this look so modern and elegant, much better. If the stay is bright, we are in luck, because the crystal will enhance this feeling of light and spaciousness.

Glass living tables 2

Glass living tables 3

We can use them as a magazine rack, or leave them in their minimal decorative expression, with just a couple of objects on their surface. In this sense, expressive minimalism will be highly attractive, very appropriate if the living room that shelters it is avant-garde style. But they will also look like protagonists of other designs and decorative trends, adapting to more or less eclectic styles.

Glass living tables 4

Of course, do not forget that these crystalline surfaces get dirty very easily, so they require almost daily care to avoid scratches caused by other objects, accumulation of dust and other annoying dirt.

Glass living tables 5

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