Glass basins: avant-garde designs for the bathroom

If you are looking for new avant-garde elements for your bathroom , you should not overlook the option to add a glass washbasin . The softness of the glass provides a point of modernity and another of extra neatness, with innovative designs centered on water as a fundamental protagonist. The transparency of the glass blends with the architecture of these toilets, giving rise to a new concept of furniture, away from the most classic ideas. If you like to innovate, take good note of these proposals.

Glass washbasins 01

The surface of these designs is very clean: they are basic lines, very sober, that base all their appeal on the design of the glass. The sink can take rectangular or circular shape, depending on the personal taste of each, although both proposals are beautiful. They can be incorporated into a piece of furniture or anchored to the wall as a protrusion, in a much simpler and also avant-garde layout, suitable for minimalist and contemporary scenarios.

Glass washbasins 02

Glass washbasins 03

Glass washbasins 04

Because of its fragility, glass is an element that must be taken care of with special care: at the time of using it and when cleaning it, of course. These models add elegance to the final set and at the same time fit with noble wood furniture and lacquered surfaces, depending on the style we want to build.

Glass washbasins 05

Glass washbasins 06

Glass basins 07

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