Give Mediterranean style to the decoration of your home

In some areas of the globe, the first one slowly points out its arrival. The sun begins to be the protagonist and with it our mood and life begins to change. We begin to leave behind the gray tones and the silence of winter to welcome the color and sounds of nature. The time has come to start preparing our garden and our home to enjoy this new season.
And when it comes to change, what better to start this season than renovating the decoration of our home. Changing details and accessories we can transform it ... but if we encourage ourselves more and our budget reaches we can make a more profound and intense renewal.

Mediterranean decoration 1

The decision is already made: let's renovate the deco of the home ... But the question now is: what style to use ??? What do you think about giving it a Mediterranean-style opportunity ??? With the proposals of The English Court And some of our tips the task will be simple and the result spectacular!

The Mediterranean style is characterized by a main detail: let the sun take your home. Its warmth and color fill our home with joy and desire to enjoy it. A relaxed and warm style ... as much as the holidays are ... yes! It is a style that is easily associated with holidays, precisely because of that feeling of relaxation and warmth. Now, not only this is what defines it. There are colors and basic characteristics to achieve it. These characteristics can be applied from decorative accessories, floors and coverings, furniture, bed linen and other spaces of the home.

Mediterranean decoration 2

Its basic colors are: white, blue and aquamarine, red, orange and ocher, and the range of olive green. Beautiful tones, full of life and very vibrant.

And when getting this style is the new collection Two seas of El Corte Inglés is the most appropriate. With all its proposals and details you will achieve a relaxed, simple and very warm decoration, where the geometric designs and their colors will transform your interior and exterior spaces.

Mediterranean decoration 3

Bedding, cushions, blankets, towels, tableware, tablecloths, small accessories, furniture, and the list goes on ... Hundreds and hundreds of accessories available to give a beautiful Mediterranean style to your home ... If the idea already begins to like you ... these pictures will inspire you ...

Mediterranean decoration 4

Mediterranean decoration 5

Mediterranean decoration 6

Mediterranean decoration 7

Mediterranean decoration 8

Mediterranean decoration 9

Mediterranean decoration 10

Mediterranean decoration 11

The possibilities are endless and you have a wide range of products available for all budgets. Go with this style and give your home a style that makes you feel like you are always on vacation!

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