Give a spring touch to the decoration with tulips

Tulips have been cultivated by humans since the distant 11th century. This beautiful and elegant plant is the quintessential symbol of the Netherlands, where its cultivation is part of the Dutch culture, but also of Middle Eastern countries such as Iran, where there is an extended tradition of tulip cultivation. For its beauty and versatile color, tulips are exquisite as a choice to decorate the spaces of the house.

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This beautiful flower has an elongated and slender stem, and a very majestic corolla. We can find it in colors as different as white, yellow, red or violet. Growing tulips at home is quite simple, in fact there is a modality called "garden tulip", which is the most common, and that we can plant in pots or planters with ease.

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For do floral arrangements Tulips are one of the best choices in floristry. We can keep them with fresh water and a little earth, creating subtle and decorative centerpieces to entertain events as different as a wedding, a birthday or an anniversary. These fresh flowers will give a fantastic spring touch to the house, in addition to leaving a wonderful smell in the environment.

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As a decoration, they are very grateful flowers, since they are kept for a long time in water, and we can always transplant them to a pot so they do not lose their characteristic beauty.

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We can use very different types of containers for these beautiful flowers, from glass jars up to buckets and showers (a vintage nuance), bird nests (for semi-rustic spaces), porcelain cups (interiors with shabby chic style) or other objects come to mind In all of them they will look like never before.

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The beauty of its petals will give a lot of light to the home, either in wide bouquets with different colors or by a single color. But also separately, one by one, the tulips will transmit all the light and delicacy of their forms.

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