Get hooked on the golden

The gold in decoration it is usually synonymous with luxury, more typical of an ornate or baroque style than of a common family dwelling. However, used in small doses and with intentions far from the visual baroque, can be a very interesting decorative element, able to fulfill its function without clashing in our usual decoration.

Golden glitter and mosaics offer a different perspective of the shower time:

Decorate with gold 1

Some of these proposals introduce the gold on the walls and the floor, in the form of mosaics, or in lamps and other accessories. It is about creating new decorative universes and experimenting to the fullest. The gold applied to the decoration manages to illuminate the rooms and provides avant-garde and glamor.

Decorate with gold 2

Decorate with gold 3

In this other proposal (bottom image) we can see how to introduce golden tones through different decorative elements in a more subtle way, regardless of whether the room here exposed has a Baroque aesthetic.

Decorate with gold 4

To create the golden effect of the wall, you can apply metallic paints or spray with spray. The furniture with golden surface is another decorative "must", like the false gold curtains.

Decorate with gold 5

This other bathroom model designed in gold is an example of the decorative luxury and baroque that these tones offer to our daily decoration, not suitable for those who seek simplicity or a more traditional style.

As for the chromatic palette with which the golden tone combines best, there are white, dark gray, black, cream, beige and chocolate brown.

Decorate with gold 6

Decorate with gold 7

Get hooked on the golden

Decorate with gold 8


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