Gerard Depardieu sells his Paris mansion

After his decision to move his fiscal domicile to Belgium the great French actor Gerard Depardieu has put on sale his Parisian mansion for 50 million euros. This sumptuous residence of 1800 m² has ten bedrooms, swimming pool, terrace, garden and elevator. It is cataloged as a historical monument since it occupies what was once the Hotel Chambon of the 19th century.

The masion of Gerard Depardieu 1

The farm is truly beautiful and luxurious. The living room is huge and has interesting architecture, stone floors, skylights and windows that occupy entire walls. It is divided into areas that include a dining area with a wooden table and chairs, an open kitchen with two bar stools and metal stools and a luxury living room.

The masion of Gerard Depardieu 2

The mansion of Gerard Depardieu 3

The masion of Gerard Depardieu 4

The masion of Gerard Depardieu 5

The entire interior of the mansion underwent a profound remodeling made with high quality materials. While the exterior is classic, consistent with its cataloging of historical monument, the interior is designed with a mix of modern and traditional styles. White is the basic color scheme and is complemented with black and brown finishes as well as natural wood. The space available in all the rooms and the opening to the exterior are striking.

The masion of Gerard Depardieu 6

The indoor pool has a mosaic finish of fragments of tiles (trencadís in Catalan), a technique used by Gaudí in Parque Güell and other buildings.

The mansion of Gerard Depardieu 7

The masion of Gerard Depardieu 8

Small charming details still speak of its historical past, doors and windows with leaded glass. The terrace with part of its glass floor that illuminates the lower space.


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