Geometric designs for wall lamps

The Wall lamps They are gaining followers and position themselves as one of the most used resources within the section of interior lighting. There are different models, depending on which direction we want to orient the light: whether vertically, horizontally, focusing downwards or in the direction of the ceiling. All this depends on the space that we have to light and other housing needs.

Wall lamps of geometric design 1

Each type of lamp is oriented to satisfy these needs, and they achieve it thanks to original geometric shapes and practical time. Each design meets a certain requirement, and so we have perfectly square lamps, which generate a greater focus of light, a bit like the classic fluorescent, or lamps with elongated shape, which produce a dimmer light. This season the lamps of breakthrough design, carried out in aluminum and designed by some prestigious firms and names of the current design, take a lot. The ones shown in the first photograph below, for example, are a Tom Dixon design, "Angle lights" . Is about lamps that create a tremendously subtle angle of light. If you are looking for a different lighting, these designs will give you many ideas.

Wall lamps with geometric design 2

Wall lamps with geometric design 3

Wall lamps with geometric design 4

Some lamps they are covered with aluminum structures as a screen; in others the light support can be fully exposed. There are different ways of presenting lighting solutions with a modern and beautiful finish.

Wall lamps with geometric design 5

Wall lamps with geometric design 6

Wall lamps with geometric design 7

These last two models have been designed by Fredrik Mattson. The finish is steel lacquered in white or coated with silver, creating a very flattering beehive effect.

Wall lamps with geometric design 8

Wall lamps with geometric design 9

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