Garden furniture to decorate interiors

We tend to fall into an excessive structuring, our life and our houses are perfectly ordered, everything in its corresponding place. Here we have spoken many times that the order is a fundamental decorative element but it must be understood as an order referring to storage, to keep things stored and not thrown anywhere and in any way. On this occasion we refer to breaking schemes, to what elements that we consider typical of the garden or terrace can be used to decorate the interior of our house.

Garden furniture in interior 1

And nothing happens, the universe will continue to expand and the earth will revolve around the sun. Although we take some plastic chairs from Ikea or some lovely metal garden chairs with all their years and the marks that they have left for them and we put them in our dining room.

Garden furniture in the interior 2

Or for example, a bench and folding chairs installed around a coffee table made with a large wooden coil used to wind the high voltage electrical cables.

Garden furniture in the interior 3

Of course, if we use garden furniture with history, pure vintage, the decorative effect will be much greater. Although according to and where a few simple resin chairs could also have their charm.

Garden furniture in the interior 4

Some design classics, such as the Tolix chair that is now so fashionable thanks to the rise of industrial and vintage styles, were born as creations for outdoor use, specifically on the terraces of the bars of Paris.

Garden furniture in the interior 5

We can put a piece or several as we like and depending also on the style and the rest of the furniture that we have in the room. In this sense it is always better to sin by omission than by excess.

Garden furniture in the interior 6

And who would not enjoy a terrace swing in his bedroom? or in a large living room to sit and read and listen to music wrapped in a well-fluffy blanket. Investigate and experiment, the rules are made to break them.


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