Garden decoration: pots with wine barrels

The garden decoration it is an important part of the decoration of a home. There are many ways to introduce a rustic style in a garden, for example using barrels and wooden barrels as pots for plants.

Planters with barrels 1

Using these wooden objects in the purest DIY style we will obtain images like the following, with all the charm of rustic ideas in the best decorative tradition.

Planters with barrels 2

For this we can use old barrels and wine barrels, using parts of these or whole. When transplanting flowers, we must follow the same steps as in traditional pots, nothing changes in this regard. Only the support that we will use will change, whose characteristics will give the garden a special charm.

Planters with barrels 3

In addition, you can create pots of various heights, cutting parts of these barrels, the way it is shown in this picture:

Planters with barrels 4

And, finally, we show you another great idea to decorate the garden, this time without flowers, but also using a couple of barrels. It is about creating a waterfall with this authentic charm, adding a small tap system on top. As we see, multiple options to decorate our garden with objects of vintage tradition.

Planters with barrels 5


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