Furniture with Tetris style

The designer Gabriel Cañas is responsible for this novel design only for geeks .

Stylish furniture Tetris-06

A bit daring and innovative, these furniture are inspired by the famous game " Tetris "To which we have all ever played and which has millions of fans around the world.
Gabriel Cañas , its designer, is a well-known Mexican industrial designer, winner of some prizes in the world and who has managed to transform pieces of Tetris in a chair that will fall in love with fans and not so much.
Tetris , as he has called it, is a novel piece with a playful design composed of two pieces of the videogame.
All are a component of this chair, armchair, or how you want to define it. All the pieces are made independently and with fiberglass. They are light, striking and resistant.
Of course, this type of design has as final and obvious consumers the geeks . Those people who live their lives pending the advances of technology, to define them in some way, and of computers in particular.
What do you think of this design ??? Will fans be able to resist playing with this furniture ???

Stylish furniture Tetris-01

Stylish furniture Tetris-02

Stylish furniture Tetris-03

Stylish furniture Tetris-04

Stylish furniture Tetris-05

Stylish furniture Tetris-07

Stylish furniture Tetris-08

Stylish furniture Tetris-09

Source: Gabriel Cañas

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