Furniture made with pallet wood

Recycling is a trend in the decor Currently, the reuse of the pallets used in the field of freight transport is very topical. In decoration magazines you can see many photos of supersophisticated living room decorations, for example, in which the coffee table is made from an old pallet. We present below a good number of furniture built from recycled pallets .

Furniture with pallet wood 1

Here is an example of how you can create a dining table with four pallets. The table can be adjusted to the size of the room and its design can change as the project progresses. It is ideal for use both indoors and outdoors and has a simple and rustic appearance. The finish can be finished with wax or polyurethane sealant and we already have a modern and contemporary dining table.

Furniture with pallet wood 2

Furniture with palé 3

Furniture with palé 4

As a coffee table are a current trend, can be used for both outdoor and indoor. For exterior it will be necessary to give them a good protection with a good varnish for exterior wood. Inside the tables take a lot of center made with a pallet and wheels, above we see an example finished with a glass to cover the upper part that gives it a very elegant and practical touch.

Furniture with palé 5

Furniture with palé 6

Furniture with palé 7

As an office table to create a simple and carefree office. To build a rustic-industrial kitchen island as in the photo above, complemented perfectly with an industrial-style chair and a Tolix stool. You can also build a small sofa with a couple of pallets and custom made pillows.

Furniture with palé 8

Furniture with palé 9

Furniture with palé 10

A lush hammock for the garden, a corner sofa for a children's room, a shoemaker. Many creations can be made from these multipurpose pallets.

Furniture with palé 11

Furniture with wood of palé 12

Furniture with palé 13

Shelves for a study that facilitate the storage and organization of multiple objects, from books to bicycles. As a shelf for paintings or as a support for a work of art, they can decorate any living room.

Furniture with palé 14

Furniture with palé wood 15

And already curling the curl, assemble a lamp with wooden slats from a pallet or with a good number of them build some stairs. The pallets are raw material for a large amount of furniture, the only limit will be marked by the imagination and the technical skills of each one.


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