Furniture like candy from Jo Nagasaka

We recently introduced you to the Japanese designer and architect Jo Nagasaka that integrated in Schemata Architects, a study that he founded in 1998, is doing some works that deserve to be highlighted. On this occasion we show you the collection you have made for Established & Sons and that has been presented at the London Design Festival, recently held in the British capital.

Furniture from Jo Nagasaka 1

Like in the previous collection that we present also in this part Nagasaka of udukuri, that prodigious and ancestral Japanese technique where wood is forced to expose the veins . After suffering this ancient technique Douglas fir, which is the wood with which these furniture have been made, It is coated with a colored transparent resin .

Furniture from Jo Nagasaka 2

The contrast between the wood with relief due to the udukuri and the perfect uniformity of the resin is very high while at the same time giving a special character to this furniture.

Furniture from Jo Nagasaka 3

In this view of the side of a table in this collection you can fully understand what the udukuri , wood is lowered between the growth rings leaving an irregular surface. This irregularity is filled for the furniture of this collection with colored transparent resins that allow to see the appearance of the wood while producing reflections like glass that baffle a bit.

Furniture from Jo Nagasaka 4

Furniture from Jo Nagasaka 5

It is a lovely collection that has made the Japanese designer. Something unique and different that reflects his genius. It makes you want to touch them, to have them at home, all these beautiful furniture.

Furniture from Jo Nagasaka 6

The effect of the resin on the irregular surface of the wood is difficult to describe, it is not only as if it had a crystal on top, it is as if that glass had melted and penetrated the surface of the wood. A truly spectacular effect .


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